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Security awareness training is broken.

HRM is the fix.

Humans are your strongest line of defence, but security awareness training alone won't transform user behaviour. Learn how Human Risk Management (HRM) builds security-savvy workforces.

SAT is broken

Learn why awareness training isn't enough

Understand why many security awareness programs fail to improve cyber behaviour.

Discover how HRM transforms staff behaviour

Learn how HRM truly transforms staff behaviour without hindering productivity or resources.

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Introducing Human Risk Management (HRM) — the new class of user-focused security.

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Understand how HRM creates a security-savvy workforce

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Learn why traditional security awareness training falls flat

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Know the key ingredients of an effective HRM program

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Learn how usecure simplifies HRM deployment and admin

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Start evaluating human cyber risk today

usecure's HRM platform empowers businesses to understand, reduce and monitor staff cyber risk — without having to sacrifice productivity for protection.

Even with more businesses rolling out security awareness programs to combat evolving threats, over 90% of cyber breaches stem from human error.

Many businesses still over-rely on irregular, generic and unengaging security awareness tactics without monitoring the actual impact of their efforts.

The truth is, more is needed.

usecure's HRM platform empowers IT pros and managed service providers to measure, mitigate and monitor human cyber risk through user-tailored security awareness training, periodic phishing simulations, simplified policy management and ongoing dark web breach monitoring — with ongoing human risk scoring that clearly showcases the impact on risk over time.

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