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The go-to guide for launching effective security awareness training

Learn the ins and outs of planning, delivering and managing an ongoing security awareness training program in your business.

The ultimate guide to security awareness training
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Security Awareness Training Guide Contents

Build a security-savvy workforce and reduce user-related incidents

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The role of human error in successful data breaches

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How to keep staff security-savvy from home

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The essential training topics you need to include

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How to start driving secure behaviour from TODAY!

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And plenty more...

"With more employees working remotely, building a security-minded culture has never been as vital."

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed many security challenges. Businesses around the world have adjusted to working from home and social distancing, while also dealing with new threats posed by cyber criminals exploiting fear and curiosity.

Even as companies have dealt with these challenges, traditional cyber threats have been as prevalent as ever, making for an increasingly challenging threat landscape.

Mitigation of human error must be key to business cyber security and, in this guide, we’ll look at the best ways to go about it.

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