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5x Engaging Training Videos

Educate your staff on phishing, password hygiene, physical security, public Wi-Fi and securely working from home with 5 fun-style videos.

SAT Guide - Promo

Complete Guide to Security Awareness Training

Learn how to launch admin-lite and cost-effective security awareness training — that actually works.

Security awareness month posters

Security Awareness Posters

Security awareness poster tips are a great way of reinforcing security best practices in the workplace.

Security awareness month infographics

Infographic Tips

Enlighten your staff on the key risks of phishing, passwords and more, by sharing these engaging infographics.

Security awareness month - Free phishing simulation

Free Phishing Simulation

Launch a free phishing simulation to learn which employees would fall victim to an inevitable attack.

Security awareness month blogs and demos

How-To Demos & Blogs

Learn the ins and out of security awareness and discover how to get employee training off the ground.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021?

Officially referred to as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), this month-long public awareness campaign comes around every October — and it's certainly needed more than ever in 2021!

With over 90% of data breaches being caused by human error and the recent surge of phishing attacks throughout the pandemic, training employees to behave securely whilst combatting evolving cyber threats is key for reducing human cyber risk in today's businesses.

NCSAM was originally launched by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), but has been adopted by organisations and SMBs across the globe.

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