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Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Training videos for your end-users

Share these videos internally to drive security awareness in core areas.

Video 1

Top tips for CSAM 2023

In this video, your end-users will learn how cyber criminals launch successful phishing attacks, as well as the five top tips to strengthen their security awareness.

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Video 2

Secure email use

Email is often the go-to attack vector for a cyber criminal to exploit an end-user. This video shines a light on how to avoid cyber risks and threats through secure email practice.

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Video 3

Secure passwords and authentication

Many employees have a habit of re-using weak passwords that are easy to guess. Educate your staff on secure password hygiene.

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Video 4

Rob's Worrisome Work from Home

Help staff understand the cyber risks of working remotely and spread awareness of these secure actions.

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Video 5

Rob's Phishy Friday

Teach your employees how to spot the telltale signs of a phishing attack and what to do when they believe they've been targeted.

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Guides and playbooks for IT leaders

The Ultimate Guide to Security Awareness Training

Learn how to launch effective security awareness training from day one - including the essential topics and how to measure training effectiveness.

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usecure complete guide to security awareness training


The Complete Guide to Human Risk Management (HRM)

Learn how the new class of user-focused security, Human Risk Management, strengthens employee security posture. 

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Guide to Human Risk Management

An IT leader's guide to phishing threats

Your complete guide to understanding the threat posed to your business.

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usecure guide to phishing

Tips and reminders for end-users

Security awareness desktop


Desktop Backgrounds

Give office staff and remote workers quick tips on how to improve their security awareness with a selection of desktop backgrounds.

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Security awareness infographics



Share some useful tips, facts and figures with your employees that help shine a light on cyber threats and safety tips.

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usecure security awareness posters


Poster Packs

Putting up security awareness posters is a good way of implementing soft reminders of security best practice that reinforces staff training.

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Tools for your business

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Free Phishing Simulation Test

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Free Not-for-Resale (NFR) license for MSPs

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Free 14-Day usecure Trial

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Quick reads for building a security culture

Blog - Security Awareness Training 2021 Guide

12 essential security awareness training topics

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Blog - Human Risk Management (HRM) usecure

The ultimate guide to Human Risk Management (HRM)

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Security awareness month, what should training include?

What should security awareness training include?

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Phishing 101

Phishing Simulations 101: Why, how and when to run them

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Blog - Security Awareness Training Compliance Requirement

Security awareness training & compliance standards

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Blog - How often should employee receive security awareness training

How often should you conduct security awareness training?

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