Security awareness training guide 2020

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Rolling out employee cyber security awareness training can seem daunting, expensive and difficult to measure. But, with the right steps in place, your business can launch truly effective and ongoing training, easily and affordably.

That's where we can help...

Through launching one of the most effective security awareness training solutions on the market, we've tracked, refined and simplified a unique approach that will help your organisation raise security awareness through effective training.

Download your free "2020 Guide to Effective Security Awareness Training" and discover essential steps, resources and guidance.

Five key things you'll learn

Your free guide covers all the essentials, including:

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How to reduce human error

Almost all successful cyber breaches share one variable in common: human error. Learn why and how to mitigate the risk.

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How to avoid common mishaps

One-hour PowerPoint sessions have been proven ineffective. Learn why computer-based training is the key to success.

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How to build a security culture

Security is a shared responsibility for the entire business, not just the IT folks. Learn how to build shared security values. 

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What core topics you should cover

Learn the essential security awareness topics you should be covering, regardless of employee role or industries.

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How to get started (pain-free)

We've also thrown in some links to helpful resources, free tools and simple steps for getting started with ease. 

Start driving secure user behaviour

Learn how to launch truly effective security awareness training.