Everything that modern phishing
awareness training should be

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Measure phishing awareness

Launch phishing simulations in minutes and track which users open, click and compromise sensitive data.

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Train phish-prone users

If a user gives away sensitive info during a phishing simulation, they'll receive a quick educational follow-up course.

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Enable ongoing training

Phishing threats change all the time. That's why usecure automatically sends bite-sized training courses to your users each month.

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Automate tedious admin

Through intelligent automation, usecure will automate course invitations, reminders, manager reports and more.

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Demonstrate compliance

Track your users' phishing awareness progress over time and export custom reports for future audits. 

Phishing awareness training made easy

Educate your users on how spot and report phishing through a simplified process.

Security awareness training gap analysis report

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Evaluate staff phishing awareness

Understand your company's risk levels to phishing through a short employee gap analysis questionnaire, and identify vulnerable users through trackable phishing simulations.

› Gap analysis questionnaire    › Assesses core competencies

› Phishing simulation exercise    › Identify vulnerable users 

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Educate their phishing blind spots

Launch personalised training journeys that address each users' phishing and general security awareness weaknesses, with bite-sized video and interactive training courses.

› Phishing & infosec awareness courses    › Rich library of topics 

› Video & interactive content    › Custom course builder & LMS

Risk score and reporting

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Calculate ongoing user progress

Eliminate admin pains, chase-ups and save time through intelligent automation. Enable automatic course enrolment, reminders, summary reports, phishing simulations and more.

› Automated admin    › In-depth reporting

› Weekly summaries    › Enable ongoing training

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"usecure enabled us to rapidly deploy phishing awareness training unique to our employees' security weaknesses, with continuous management made easy through automation"

- Director of IT, LTE Group

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