Free Bite-Sized Security Awareness Videos

Raise employee security awareness with 5 bite-sized training videos

Access five engaging cyber security awareness videos packed with infosec, compliance and general security best practice.

Free security awareness training videos.

5 security awareness videos

Access a wide library of free videos covering core security awareness topics - from phishing to physical security.

Bite-sized & jargon-free

With short attention spans and a hectic workload, we've kept these videos short, concise and actionable for your users.

Download, share & educate!

Watch and share these videos amongst your users to educate, strengthen and reinforce cyber security best practice.

Fun & Scenario-Based Videos

Fun security awareness videos with real workplace scenarios

Deliver entertaining training videos that keep users engaged throughout, all based on practical examples that relate to their daily work life and help maximise learning retention.

  • Engaging Videos

  • Based on Relatable Scenarios 

  • Maximise User Engagement

  • Optimise Learning Retention

Fun cyber security awareness training videos for staff employees
Security awareness training videos

Short & Corporate Style

Bite-sized infosec & compliance-based training videos

Educate your users with bite-sized videos that strengthen key areas of cyber security awareness, between 1-3 minutes and covering a range of core infosec topics.

  • Bite-Sized Videos (1-3 mins)

  • Clean-Cut Animation

  • Covers Key Infosec & Compliance Topics

Video Topics

Access a library of core security awareness topics

Information security, compliance-based and best practice videos
for helping raise staff security awareness.

Rob's Worrisome WFH

Using Public Wi-Fi Securely

Physical Security in the Workplace

Rob's Phishy Friday

Josie's Password Peril

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