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Key Features

So, what's included in your subscription?

Learn which essential solutions are included in your usecure subscription.



Essential features for driving awareness:

  • uLearn - Security awareness training
  • uPhish - Simulated phishing tool
  • uBreach - Email exposure monitoring
  • uPolicy - Policy management software
  • Risk Score - Human risk calculator
  • Dashboard - Live performance tracking



Success-driven support:

  • Assigned account manager
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Help articles, tutorials & guides
  • In-app live chat support
  • Feature release notifications
  • Self-service product tours



Other popular features included with your subscription:

  • Automated security awareness training
  • Access to all video & interactive courses
  • Online gap analysis assessment
  • Unlimited phishing simulations
  • Automated phishing tests (AutoPhish)
  • Live reporting dashboard
  • Centralised policy management
  • Email exposure monitoring

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Detailed Features

Learn more with a detailed overview

View a detailed breakdown of usecure's main features.


Setup, integrations & support:

  • No installations
  • Fully cloud-based
  • Office 365 integration
  • White-label settings
  • Assigned account manager
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • In-app live chat support
  • Feature notifications & product tours


Drive security awareness with uLearn:

  • Employee gap analysis assessments
  • User-tailored training programmes
  • Video & interactive training modules
  • Extensive course library
  • Custom course builder (in-app LMS)
  • Automate enrolment & reminders
  • Enable weekly admin summary reports
  • Advanced user & company reporting
  • Track participation & completion rate
  • Track percentage of outstanding courses
  • Segment & export performance data
  • White-label settings



Help users combat sophisticated phishing with uPhish:

  • Automated phishing (AutoPhish)
  • Extensive template library
  • Deploy targeted spear-phishing attacks
  • Create custom email templates
  • Create custom landing pages
  • Real-time response tracking
  • Advanced reporting metrics
  • Customise & export performance data



Identify exposed email accounts with uBreach:

  • Integrated with 'haveibeenpwned'
  • Automatic exposure monitoring
  • Search data dumps, paste sites & forums
  • High-level reporting dashboard
  • View what data is exposed
  • Learn which data breach is responsible



Simplify your policy management process with uPolicy:

  • Library of pre-made policy templates
  • Create policies with in-app text editor
  • Track who has visited and signed
  • Store & organise policies in one place
  • Make policies compulsory
  • Export policy data



Understand your organisation's human risk with Risk Score:

  • Holistic employee risk scoring system
  • Combine usecure data into one metric
  • Individual user grading (low to high risk)
  • Company-wide risk score (0-900)
  • Track overall yearly progress
  • Accessible from usecure dashboard



Analyse user performance from your Reporting Dashboard:

  • Live data-driven reporting dashboard
  • Digestible layout of high-level data
  • Overall company risk score
  • uLearn course adoption rates
  • Recent uPhish simulation performance
  • Upcoming uPhish simulations
  • uBreach email exposure overview
  • Access in-depth performance analytics

Transform your users into a cyber security asset with usecure.

Pricing FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Get quick answers to common questions, or start a live chat with our team.


What discounts does usecure offer?

We offer various price breaks to help you get the most affordable plan, including discounts for:

  • Multi-year subscriptions (1, 2 and 3 years)
  • Tiered license savings (more users = bigger discount)
  • Price breaks for non-profit organisations
  • And more... Get a quote for a full breakdown of our discounts


Are there any features that aren't included in my subscription?

Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all features. Our goal is to help you raise security awareness from day one, so we keep our pricing simple, consistent and transparent.


What's the minimum licensing term?

12-months is the minimum term/ subscription length we offer.


Can we pay monthly?

Yes - We now offer a monthly subscription for usecure. The minimum 12-month subscription term still applies.


How does the free trial work?

Your free 14-day trial gives you access to the full usecure platform, giving you an opportunity to test uLearn, uPhish, uPolicy and more, on up to 50 end-users.

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Transform your users into a cyber security asset with usecure.

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