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Security Awareness for Remote Staff

Keep staff security-savvy when
working from home

Create a free usecure trial account and launch remote working security awareness courses, phishing simulation exercises and more, with ease.

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Our COVID-19 Response: We're here to help.

With more companies transitioning to a remote workforce than ever before, we want to play our part in helping businesses stay secure during this tough period.

You can now upload up to 5,000 users onto a usecure free trial plan and deploy a range of training courses, phishing simulations, policies and more, to help you drive and monitor user vigilance whilst they work from home.

Remote Working Challenges

Transitioning to a remote workforce can
expose human vulnerability

With an increase of remote working due to the COVD-19 outbreak, attackers are exploiting remote workers'
weakened security measures with social engineering and phishing attacks.

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Change breeds gaps

The rapid transition to remote working due to COVID-19 has led to more responsibility from the end-user side.

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Gaps breed vulnerabilities

With weakened security measures from home, strong security behaviour is even more vital than ever before.

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Vulnerabilities lead to exposure

Without sufficient training, your employees' security gaps are now easier to exploit through social engineering. 

usecure for Remote Staff

Train your remote workers to
remain security vigilant

With your free usecure account, you'll have access to a comprehensive solution stack for driving secure employee behaviour.

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Video & Interactive Security Awareness Training

Educate and strengthen employee security awareness at home.

Train employees on security best practice and common attacks when working remotely, with bite-sized video and interactive security awareness training courses that track user performance.

› Deploy Courses in Minutes     › Train Users to Work Securely at Home     

› Raise Awareness of COVID-19 Phishing     › Access 40+ Core Courses

uPhish automated phishing simulation tool.

Phishing Simulation Software

Simulate phishing attacks that impersonate
WHO, CDC, HMRC and more.

Simulate phishing attacks and assess user vulnerability to common COVID-19 email scams - impersonating the likes of The World Health Organization - or create and deploy custom spear-phishing campaigns.

› Simulate COVID-19 Phishing Attacks     › Track User Compromise Rate

› Imersonate WHO, CDC, HMRC & More     › Create Custom Campaigns

uPolicy - Proactive policy management software.

Centralised Policy Management

Communicate remote working policies
and track user acknowledgement.

Store, edit and send policy updates through one centralised policy management tool. Access pre-made templates - including 'Remote Working' and 'Pandemic Response' policies - and track employee acknowledgement.

› Store & Edit Policies     › Notify Through Email & Track Signatures

› Free Template Library     › Incl. 'Remote Working' & 'Pandemic Response'

Holistic risk scoring software.

Employee Risk Score & Reporting

Monitor and understand your remote
employees' cyber risk.

Gain key insights into your employees' course grades, simulation results and more with a real-time performance dashboard, in-depth user reporting and a holistic human risk calculator.

› Track Course & Simulation Performance     › View Key Trends & Insights

› Automatic Report Summaries     › View Remote Staffs' Risk Level

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usecure Free Trial Account

Deploy usecure in minutes and keep remote employees security-minded.

To help businesses maintain security awareness amongst their remote workforce during the recent disruption, you can upload up to 5,000 users onto a 14-day trial account. Start driving security awareness today.

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Key Features

Here's just a few things you'll have access to

Here are just some of the resources included in your free trial account.

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COVID-19 Courses:

  • COVID-19 Phishing Awareness
  • COVID-19 Misinformation & Commons Scams
  • COVID-19 Control & Prevention

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Remote Working Courses:

  • Working Remotely
  • Security at Home
  • Securing Your Home Network
  • The Importance of VPNs

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Other Courses:

  • Social Engineering Awareness
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Secure Video Conferencing
  • and 40+ other courses

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COVID-19 Phishing Templates:

  • WHO Safety Measures
  • CDC 'Cases' In Your Area
  • COVID-19 Tax Refund
  • +custom template builder

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Remote Working Policy Templates:

  • Pandemic Response Planning
  • Secure Remote Working
  • Internet-Use
  • and more...

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Reporting Features:

  • Real-Time Performance Dashboard
  • In-Deth User Reporting
  • Holistic Human Risk Calculator

Get Started Today

Getting started is quick and easy

With a cloud-based setup, quick configuration and simple onboarding, you can start deploying courses
and simulations to your remote workers in no time:

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Create Free Trial Account

Create a free trial account and gain instant access to the usecure platform. No card details or installations needed.

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Add Your Users/ Clients

Easily enrol up to 5,000 users and add custom groups to help you segment relevant user lists.

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Deploy & Track

Deploy courses, policies, simulations and more, and track user performance from your dashboard. 

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Coronavirus phishing infographic resource

COVID-19 and Remote Working Resources

Share free security awareness resources with your remote staff

We've released some free resources to help your employees stay security-savvy whilst working from home, including infographics and training videos.

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