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Identify phish-prone users and drive human resilience

Assess and eliminate employee vulnerability to sophisticated phishing scams
with easily deployable simulations and micro-learning for at-risk users.

Everything you need to measure and reduce phishing vulnerability.

Green check mark icon Instant Setup

100% cloud-based, installation-free and simple configuration.

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Realistic Templates

Readily-made template library impersonating trusted brands.

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Automate regular simulations that monitor user risk.

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In-Depth Reporting

Analyse the performance of users, departments and more.

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Run targeted phishing tests by impersonating internal staff.

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Follow-Up Training

Educate compromised users and launch ongoing training.

+ Custom Template Builder      + Report Exports      + Risk Dashboard

Start phishing in minutes

Zero installations and simple configuration makes setting usecure up an absolute breeze. Once you're in, simply upload your users via integration or CSV, then you're ready to start phishing!

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Upload employees with ease

Green check mark icon Use readily-made templates

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Learn the ropes with in-app guidance

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Monitor ongoing vulnerability

With new staff, changing work environments and ever-evolving phishing threats, assessing ongoing risk is crucial. With the AutoPhish feature, you can enable regular simulations that measure user resilience over time.

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Automate simulations (AutoPhish)

Green check mark icon Test different phishing techniques

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Get weekly summary reports

Launch spear-phishing tests

Modern phishing attacks often come in the form of targeted campaigns that impersonate internal staff. With usecure's template builder and domain spoofing, you can test users to targeted 'spear-phishing'.

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Create hyper-targeted templates

Green check mark icon Edit pre-made templates

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Spoof domains

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Micro-train vulnerable users

Deliver contextual training to your users by automatically enrolling employees onto micro-courses when they are compromised in a simulation. Learn more about usecure's training solutions here.

Green check mark icon Enrol at-risk users onto training

Green check mark icon Launch video & interactive courses

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Deploy automated training programmes

Empowering employees to prevent
phishing everyday

Since being customers of usecure, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of employees clicking malicious links or attachments.

Information Security Manager at Peninsula

usecure has enabled us to demonstrate compliance for information security and data protection at all levels of our organisation.  

Head of Technology Solutions at Sport Wales

usecure's 'AutoEnrol' enabled us to rapidly deploy training programmes unique to our employees' security weaknesses, with continuous management made easy through automated course invites, reminders and weekly summary reports.

Director of IT at LTE Group
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