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uPhish  |  Automated Phishing Simulation Software

Monitor and reduce user vulnerability
to sophisticated phishing

Learn how susceptible your users are to ultra-targeted spear-phishing campaigns, or enable continual simulations and monitor vulnerability trends over time.

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"Over time, uPhish has become integral to our security management and reporting process."

- Information Security Manager at Peninsula

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Why uPhish

Automate continual phishing simulations and
monitor user vulnerability

uPhish enables you to automate a diverse range of phishing attacks over time
- tracking key trends and user performance data.


Assess user susceptibility

Determine user vulnerability to a range of phishing attacks, automatically deployed over a custom period of time.

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Monitor user risk

View in-depth user performance over time and understand user behaviour with key phishing trends.


Transform user behaviour

Empower users to combat and report attacks with bite-sized phishing awareness training courses.

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In-Depth Reporting

Assess user behaviour in real-time and access custom simulation reports

Track user opened, clicked and compromised rates in real-time, and dig deep into in-depth reporting and common trends.

› Real-Time Tracking      In-Depth Reporting     

View Trends & Insights     Export Custom Reports

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Automated Phishing Simulations

Achieve continuous risk assessments with automated phishing simulations

Enable phishing simulations to be automatically deployed over time - ensuring user progress and assessing risk of new starters.

Automated Simulations      Ensure User Progress

Assess New Starters      Control Frequency & Templates

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Customisable Template Library

Impersonate trusted brands and create custom phishing templates with ease

Learn how your users interact with phishing emails in real-time and access custom reports from your dashboard.

Pre-Built Templates      Impersonate Trusted Brands

Custom Template Builder     Quick simulation setup

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Client Testimonials

Trusted by leading security professionals

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"These phishing simulations have been a straightforward way of safely testing user knowledge and quickly gave us an indication of how well our training was absorbed by our users."

- Head of IT at Acorn People

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"We issue the phishing and GDPR modules for new starters, plus we send the advanced phishing module when people fall for phishing attacks. So, over time, uPhish has become more integral to our security management and reporting process."

- ISM at Peninsula

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"Overall, the usecure platform is affordable, admin-lite and proving highly-effective with driving employee security awareness across the organisation."

- IT Director at LTE Group

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