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Launch a Free Employee Phishing Simulation

Assess user vulnerability to targeted phishing scams with a free 14-day usecure trial account.

  No installations

  Readily-made templates

  Test on your users

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5 Bite-Sized Security Awareness Training Videos

Educate your users on five core cyber security awareness topics, free to download and share.

  Five short animations

  Cover core cyber security topics

  Download & share with your users

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Guide to reducing human cyber risk 2022


The 2022 Guide to Reducing Human Cyber Risk

Learn why employees are an insider threat to your business, how to build a security culture and where to start.

  Understand insider risk

  Build a security culture

  Get a step-by-step action plan

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The Complete Guide to Security Awareness in 2021

Learn the key ingredients and effective tactics for raising security awareness.

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The Complete Guide to Human Risk Management (HRM)

Traditional security awareness training is broken. HRM is the fix. 

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GDPR Posters


GDPR and Data Protection Poster Pack

Educate your staff on data protection and best practice.

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7 SAT Steps


Top 12 Security Awareness Training Topics in 2021

Avoid the hassle of searching for training topics, see usecure's top 12. 

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Phishing - Dos and Donts


How to Create a Well-Crafted Phishing Simulation

Truly gauge staff risk by using these real-world attack techniques.

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Guide to Phishing


Your Essential Guide to Sophisticated Phishing

Learn why phishing is so effective and understand the most common scams.

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WFH resources


Educational Infographics for Remote Teams

Educate your remote staff on the cyber risks of working away from the office.

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Evaluating Security Awareness Software: 10-Point Checklist

Understand what goes into an effective and low-cost training solution.

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The role of human error in cyber security


The Complete Guide to Security Awareness Training

Learn how to launch effective user training that transforms behaviour.

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