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Win new clients with
free Human Risk Reports

Generate more sales-ready prospects with a unique MSP offering and win new clients through real-time human risk intelligence.

Get your foot in the door and
speed up your sales cycle

The Human Risk Report (HRR) evaluates your clients' human security posture and provides
a free one-page report that opens a gateway for selling your MSP services — without you having to
spend a tonne of time and money on sales and marketing. 

Differentiate your MSP

Prospect new clients with a unique MSP offering and readily-made sales and marketing resources.

Win new clients

Each Human Risk Report offers practical remediation advice that sets you up to sell your MSP services!

Boost service value

Launch Human Risk Management (HRM) programs in a flash that reduce and monitor client risk over time. 

Differentiate your MSP with a unique offering

Create a buzz around your HRR offering with readily-made sales and marketing assets and convert leads with the HRR website widget.

  Free & Unique Service Offering

 Sales & Marketing Resource Hub

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Raise Security Awareness

Calculate human risk in a few simple steps

HRR will auto-scan your clients' domain and the dark web for threats and breaches, and readily-made or custom phishing simulations can be launched in a flash.

  Automated Domain Scan

 Automated Dark Web Scan

 Readily-Made Phishing Campaigns

Generate reports that nudge clients into action

A one-page Human Risk Report is emailed to the MSP and the client, outlining their unique risk areas and how user training can help.

  Dark Web & Domain Results

 Phishing Simulation Results

 Human Risk Score & Time-to-Breach

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Calculate the risk,
then automate the fix.

Boost your MSP service value and recurring revenue by converting your HRR prospects into paid usecure accounts that reduce their risk through ongoing Human Risk Management.

 Calculate the risk

HRR shines a light on your prospect's human risk areas with a domain scan, dark web scan and phishing campaign.

 Demonstrate the requirement

Each HRR helps your client understand their human security vulnerabilities, the damage these can cause and how Human Risk Management (HRM) can reduce risk over time.

 Automate the fix

Enrol your client onto a free 14-day usecure trial that showcases how Human Risk Management can reduce their risk score — then convert them into a paid account in a quick switch.

Not only is the training engaging and interesting, it is provided based on a gap analysis of the weak spots, and delivered automatically. It is a product I am very pleased to offer my customers.

MSP at Backspace Consulting

Prospect new clients at scale

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Convert website visitors and generate new sales prospects.

Quick, Hand-Held Steps

HRR is simple to launch, easy to manage and quick to complete.

Deploy in Seconds

Launch HRRs with just the clients' email address and domain.

Launch HRRs at Scale

Deploy and manage multiple HRRs with usecure's MSP task manager.

Phishing Template Library

Simulate a phishing campaign in minutes with realistic templates.

Automated Breach Scan

HRR will automatically scan the dark web for breached user credentials.

Automated Domain Scan

HRR will auto-scan for lookalike and dormant domains that could be exploited.

Automated One-Page Report

Your clients' full HRR is built for them in an easy-to-understand format.

Go-to-Market Resources

Access a library of sales and marketing resources that drive leads.

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