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Prevent early-stage attacks with proactive dark web monitoring

Secure your business against the hidden dangers of the dark web through actionable dark web monitoring and instant breach alerts.

uBreach dark web monitoring

Reduce existing risks

Identify sensitive user data that is currently accessible to attackers.

Prevent future breaches

Get instant email alerts when users are found in the latest breaches.

Achieve compliance

Demonstrate your data protection efforts and regulatory compliance.

Widen your protection with domain-level monitoring

Monitor all email accounts under all of your domains, giving you a full picture of breached user accounts across the entire business.

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Monitor all domains across your business

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Ensure that you're safeguarding all user accounts

Green check mark icon Protect your entire business, not just individual user accounts

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Get ahead of the threats with instant breach alerts

Proactively alert end-users and team leaders when they appear in a data breach, mitigating risks before they escalate.

Green check mark icon Proactively alert end-users found in a breach

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Enable notifications of admins and team leaders

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Tag breaches as 'resolved' to reduce risk score

Monitor extensive, up-to-date dark web sources

Broaden your scope by monitoring a vast number of data breach sources, including hacking forums, marketplaces and paste sites.

Green check mark icon Monitor a vast database of breach sources

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Regularly updated database of breaches

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Scan hacking forums, marketplaces and paste sites

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Helping businesses reduce human cyber risk

usecure has enabled us to demonstrate compliance for information security and data protection at all levels of our organisation.  

Head of Technology Solutions at Sport Wales

Since being customers of usecure, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of employees clicking malicious links or attachments.

Information Security Manager at Peninsula

usecure's 'AutoEnrol' enabled us to rapidly deploy training programmes unique to our employees' security weaknesses, with continuous management made easy through automated course invites, reminders and weekly summary reports.

Director of IT at LTE Group

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