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uBreach | Dark Web Exposure Monitoring

Identify and safeguard users who
are exposed on the dark web

uBreach monitors thousands of data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums, locating exposed email accounts that could easily be exploited by attackers.

Why uBreach?

With employees often using their work email address for third-party services, your users' email accounts, passwords and other sensitive data are at risk of exposure if a data breach occurs.

 uBreach monitors 1000s of data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums - locating exposed email accounts that criminals could exploit for social engineering and targeted phishing attacks.

How uBreach Works

Safeguard user accounts with continuous
email exposure checks

With fresh databases of exposed email accounts being released online each day, uBreach runs regular exposure checks to
determine whether any of your users are located within these breaches. Here's how:

Stage 1 - Deep web search

Search breached databases

uBreach conducts a deep-dive through 1000's of publicly available data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums - all of which a cyber criminal can easily access and exploit.

Stage 2 - Locate at-risk users

Locate exposed accounts

uBreach will identify which employee accounts are exposed online. Any data found here can be accessed and used by an attacker - including email addresses, passwords and phone numbers.

Stage 3 - Exposure report

Report on at-risk users

Your up-to-date uBreach report - accessible any time from your usecure dashboard - will display which accounts are exposed, the source of breach, and what data is exposed.

Employee email breach detection graph.
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Identify Exposed Accounts

Locate which employee email accounts are exposed online

Within minutes of launching your email exposure check, uBreach will compile a list of users that have sensitive data located in publicly disclosed data dumps and paste sites.

Data showing email exposure check.
Email exposure check icon in turquoise.

Determine Responsible Breach

Learn which third-party breach led to the exposure

Gain an insight into how your users' email credentials have become vulnerable, with a detailed list of which third-party services led to your users' exposed data.

Employee email breach exposure check.
Exposed employee emails icon in turquoise.

In-Depth Analysis

Dig deep into what employee data is exposed online

Learn what employee information has been exposed online for each individual user, detailing which service was breached, when the breach occurred, and what data is now exposed.

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