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We're dedicated to delivering exceptional customer support

We know that generic replies, slow resolution times and absent 1:1 support hamper the success and efficiency of your day-to-day operations. That's why usecure offers a better approach to customer support - with responsive, specialist and success-driven help available for when you need it.

Support Challenges

The hard truth about poor customer support

Enterprise vendors often incorporate slow SLA escalation procedures, making it painful to have
your support ticket heard, responded to and resolved quickly.

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Lacklustre response (if any)

Many vendors use 'task bots' that automatically respond to visitors with an expected human response time - which can be hours or days apart.

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Slow SLA resolution periods

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) often outline slow escalation procedures, sometimes up to a 5 business day wait for a simple incident response.

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Generic & impersonal Q&As

When you do get a response, it can often be a scripted answer or robotic Q&A that pays limited relevance or help toward your actual query. 

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usecure's Support

No forms. No delays. Just responsive and helpful support.

› Responsive

With an avg. response time of under two minutes during core hours, you'll get quick answers with our in-app live chat.

› Frictionless

Log support issues with ease and experience short resolution periods with our quick escalation process.

› Conversational

Speak with usecure product specialists who can help understand your unique query, rather than scripted Q&As.

› Success-Driven

Become a usecure pro with an extensive library of knowledge base resources, how-tos and best practice articles.

Live Chat Performance

Last month's average response time

The usecure team's live chat response time, recorded during core office hours.

Our avg. response time

Support Features

All of the resources to become a usecure pro

Our idea of support is to help you get up and running, give you the tools to succeed and be readily available for any questions along the way. Here's how we do that:

Instant live chat support

In-App Live Chat

Get a helpful response in minutes, not days.

Typing out a detailed question through live chat software, only to be met with a generic answer 48hrs later that isn't relevant (at all) - sound familiar?

Well, usecure's in-app live chat is operated by product specialists with an in-office response time that averages less than two minutes.

› Typically Respond in 1-2 Mins   › Chat with Specialists   › Avoid Scripted Q&As  

Book time with account manager

Partner Success Manager

Ensure success with a dedicated point-of-contact.

When it comes to implementation, configuration and onboarding, we've designed the usecure platform to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible.

That being said, all of our partners are assigned a dedicated Success Manager to help with any issues on a 1:1 basis while ensuring success from day one.

› Dedicated Success Manager   › Specialist Support   › 1:1 Training & Help  

Escalation flowchart for support tickets

Escalation Process

Get quicker resolutions to service-related issues.

Your experience of usecure should stay as pain-free and efficient as possible, which means a 2-5 day response time for service incidents doesn't cut it.

usecure's Escalation Procedure aims to half these response and resolution times, keeping downtime at a minimum and operations at a maximum.

View Escalation Overview

Self-service knowledge base and FAQs

Knowledge Base & Help Centre

Become an expert in all things usecure.

Understanding how the platform works, as well as general best practice, will help your business and end-users get the most out of usecure.

You'll have access to an extensive Help Centre & Knowledge Base, with a library of feature overviews, how-tos, FAQs and best practice articles.

› Overviews & How-Tos   › Best Practice & FAQs   › Accessible Anytime

Product tour and feature announcements

Product Tours & Alerts

Understand key features and stay updated. 

Finding your way around features and settings can be a difficult task when using new software, let alone trying to understand, configure and use them.

usecure's Product Tours help guide you on where to find key features, along with regular in-app and email notifications to keep you updated.

› Guided Product Tours   › In-App Announcements   › Email Updates

Client Testimonials

What our customers are saying...

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"The knowledgebase materials have been incredibly useful. It also helps that the support team are there if further help is needed - Keep it up!" 

ICT Director - Construction

Client testimonial icon (4)

"We've had past vendors where SLAs resulted in us chasing high priority support tickets for days. usecure have been fantastic in responding and resolving issues quickly."

Head of IT - Finance

Client testimonial icon (4)

"The response time and general standard of support have been great. Friendly team who are easily reached when needed."

IT Manager - Recruitment

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