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The usecure Platform


Eliminate your organisation's human cyber risk with one ultra-simplified solution

Our demo centre covers the usecure platform's three main features - uLearn, uPhish and uBreach.

Security Awareness Training


User-tailored cyber security awareness training, intelligently automated.



Intuitive phishing simulation and reporting software.



Locate which employee email accounts are publicly disclosed online.

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How does uLearn work?

Drive user awareness with engaging online training programmes - crafted, deployed and measured trough intelligent automation.

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How does uPhish work?

Identify your at-risk users by launching trackable simulated phishing attacks, closely replicating real-world techniques.

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How does uBreach work?

Millions of employee email credentials are exposed online via third-party data breaches - rapidly locate and safeguard your exposed users.

Review - Gartner Peer Insights

usecure is a comprehensive security awareness platform that takes minutes to set up and quickly identifies your employees' risk levels across a range of areas. Great security awareness modules and excellent simulated phishing tool.

- Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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