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Who We Are

About usecure

usecure is a global provider of innovative solutions that centre around empowering your users to make better security decisions in their daily work life.Everything we do is targeted towards one goal: Transforming your workforce into a cyber security asset.

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Born in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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Founded by information security specialists.

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Trusted by businesses across the globe.

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Empowering 1,000s of end-users, daily.

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Mitigating human risk, from SMB to Enterprise level.

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Forever innovating and advancing our product line.

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Our Story

From UK startup to a global, proven solution

usecure was born from an urgent requirement of change. With human-caused data breaches skyrocketing along with an ever-growing range of attack vectors, traditional security awareness training (or a lack of) is significantly failing businesses.

"usecure was born from an urgent requirement of change."

From years of helping IT departments safeguard their organisations with a range of information security solutions, our founding team of infosec specialists introduced usecure to help address the human element of cyber security.

usecure's presence is now felt on a global scale, with our ever-growing client base being safeguarded and supported by our dedicated team. Our products and services continue to advance alongside the essential need for resilience against modern-day threats.


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Why We're Different

Simplified training, designed with the user at heart

usecure empowers your workforce at human level. Our intelligent training platform identifies your users' individual cyber security knowledge gaps, then, crafts personalised programmes that address your users' unique learning needs.

"usecure empowers your workforce at human level."

Our software is designed to simplify and minimise the complexity, cost and resource-heavy administering of security awareness training, offering a highly effective, pain-free solution, supported by a passionate team of infosec specialists. 


What our clients are saying

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"Since deploying uLearn, cyber awareness at every level has risen beyond expectation."
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Infrastructure & Security Manager
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"We work with usecure to help our user base get smart about information security."
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Group IT Director

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