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Risk Score | Employee Cyber Risk Calculator

Understand your organization's human
risk level with behavior-based scoring

Understand your organization's human cyber threat with one comprehensive risk score, combining a range of usecure metrics into one ongoing rating.

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What is Risk Score?

Understanding the general level of security awareness in your business, as well as the performance and ROI of your training efforts, has always been tough to achieve.

Risk Score makes it easy to measure both user and company-wide progress by fusing all of your users' performance metrics into one digestible scoring system.

How Risk Score Works

Combine your users' performance metrics
into one ongoing risk rating

Risk score's calculation and digestible display make it easy to track employee security awareness over time.

Risk score metrics

Combine user performance metrics

Using your users' usecure performance metrics - including uPhish, uLearn and uBreach - Risk Score will calculate an ongoing representation of your users' current cyber threat level.

Individual risk score

Assess individual cyber risk

Once calculated, your users will score a risk level of 'Low', 'Medium' or 'High', with each users' grade automatically updating depending on their usecure performance.

Company risk score

Digest company-wide risk score

Alongside individual ratings, you're able to access a holistic risk chart on your usecure dashboard. This makes it easy to digest the overall insider threat level of your business over time.

End-user cyber security risk score

Individual employee risk rating 

Individual User Risk Rating

Obtain individual risk ratings from user profiles

With usecure's rich source of reporting data, your users' individual risk ratings offer an up-to-date and accurate reflection of their current threat level.

Risk Score extracts user performance data from uPhish, uLearn and uBreach, allowing you to gauge a user's current security capabilities with ease.

  Assess Individual Risk Level      ›  'Low' to 'High' Risk Rating

  Calculated With Overall usecure Performance

Organisation cyber security risk score

Organisation cyber risk score 

Company-Wide Risk Score

Assess your organization's overall insider threat with ease

Notify users of relevant policy updates and provide quick self-service access for users to read, acknowledge and e-sign.

You can easily track which users have signed straight from your usecure portal, and deliver a friendly email nudge to remind those who haven't.

  Assess Performance Over Time      Live Risk Score

  Holistic Company View

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