Demonstrate ISO 27001 compliance
with staff cyber awareness training

Show that your business has systems in place to protect corporate information
and data through ongoing employee security training.

Showcase your ability to control staff risk

Green check mark icon Achieve compliance

Prove reliability of your infosec management systems.

Green check mark icon Win new business

ISO 27001 is a minimum standard for many tenders.

Green check mark icon Grow stakeholders trust

Gain confidence from partners and customers.

Green check mark icon Gain a competitive edge

Stand out by conforming to a recognised security standard.

Green check mark icon Reduce risk of breaches

Reduce security incidents and breaches caused by human error.

Green check mark icon Control your IT risk

Better detect and address human cyber vulnerabilities.

Simplify your road to compliance

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Identify staff risk areas

Enrol employees onto a short gap analysis quiz and examine their individual infosec risks.

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Automate regular training

Launch cyber awareness programmes that target individual risk areas found in the gap analysis.

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Demonstrate compliance

Build a clear audit trail and demonstrate compliance by tracking adoption and progress.

Launch training in a flash

Your staff will automatically receive regular bite-sized training courses — prioritised based on their unique risk areas — packed with engaging video and interactive content.

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Simple setup & configuration

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Automated training

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Track staff training progress

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Manage policies with ease

Alongside training, usecure simplifies policy management by centralising your documents, automating staff eSignatures, tracking approvals and updating users when policies are updated.

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Centralise policy versions

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Automate policy notifications

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Measure approvals with eSignatures

Make auditing a breeze

With usecure's granular and real-time reporting features, you're able to easily demonstrate training adoption and performance, policy approvals and how your human risk score is reducing over time.

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Enable auditor access

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Track ongoing human risk score

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Export custom reports

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Learn how usecure can help you gain ISO 27001 compliance.

Helping SMBs and enterprises
demonstrate compliance

usecure has enabled us to demonstrate compliance for information security and data protection at all levels of our organisation.  

Head of Technology Solutions at Sport Wales

Go beyond ISO 27001 requirements

Green check mark icon Automate regular training

Automatically deploy one training course every month or set a custom frequency to however you see fit.

Green check mark icon Cover the essentials

Train your users on a wide library of core infosec competencies, without the confusing tech-jargon.

Green check mark icon Run phishing tests

Learn which users are vulnerable to spear-phishing and auto-enrol compromised users onto quick follow-up courses.

Green check mark icon Demonstrate compliance

Export custom training, phishing simulation and policy approval reports that demonstrate your compliance efforts.

Green check mark icon Simplify policy processes

Centralise your documents in one place, notify staff of policy releases and updates and track eSign approvals for audit trails.

Green check mark icon And more...

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