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Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing

Cyber security awareness training,
simplified through intelligent automation

Explore the world's most admin-lite and cost-effective solution for mitigating employee cyber risk and driving secure user behaviour. Watch the 10-minute demo below.

"A comprehensive security awareness platform - usecure takes minutes to set up and quickly identifies your employees' risk levels across a range of areas, with great courses."

- Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Your Insider Threat

Human error and malicious actors are putting
your organisation at serious risk

Even with the most advanced endpoint protection around, it only takes one unwitting user
to open the backdoor to a cyber attack.

52 percent

of businesses admit that employees are their biggest weakness in IT security.

92 percent

of successful cyber attacks are the
result of a phishing scam.

9& statistic

of malware attacks use social engineering techniques to exploit users.

Your Simplified Solution

Transform your users into a cyber security asset
with one comprehensive solution

usecure delivers the most admin-lite and cost-effective solution for reducing insider threats and driving secure user behaviour, achieved through five essential features:

uLearn cyber security awareness training platform.

uLearn  |  Security Awareness Training

Drive security awareness with user-tailored training

By building an initial risk profile of each user, uLearn automatically deploys regular training courses that tackle individual cyber security knowledge gaps - all through the power of bite-sized video and interactive training modules.

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uPhish automated phishing simulation tool.

uPhish  |  Automated Phishing Tool

Automate phishing attacks and reduce user vulnerability 

With usecure's automated phishing tool, uPhish, you're able to monitor and assess user vulnerability to a range of sophisticated attacks over time - enabling you to deploy follow-up training to users who are susceptible.

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Employee email account exposure check.

uBreach  |  Email Breach Detection

Identify exposed email accounts with continual monitoring

With employees often using their work email address for third-party services, your users' email accounts could be exposed during a data breach. uBreach monitors millions of data dumps, paste sites and forums to identify at-risk users.

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uPolicy - Proactive policy management software.

uPolicy  |  Simplified Policy Management

Keep users up-to-date with proactive policy management 

uPolicy eliminates the ineffective and headache-prone nature of traditional policy management by centralising, simplifying and measuring your policy process - ensuring your users are aware and in approval of any updates.

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Holistic risk scoring software.

Risk Score  |  Employee Risk Calculator

Understand your insider threat level with one unified score

With usecure's holistic Risk Score, all of your security awareness performance metrics are collected and fused into one digestible calculation - making it easy to understand your organisation's overall human cyber risk over time.

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Generic replies, slow resolution times and absent 1:1 support hamper the success and efficiency of your daily operations.

That's why usecure offer a better approach to customer success - with responsive, specialist and resolution-driven support.

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Client Testimonials

Trusted by leading security professionals

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"Since being customers of usecure, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of employees clicking malicious links or attachments."

- IS Manager at Peninsula

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"uLearn's AutoEnrol enabled us to rapidly deploy training programmes unique to our employees' security weaknesses, with continuous management made easy through automated course invites, reminders and weekly summary reports."

- Director of IT at LTE Group

Acorn client testimonial

"These phishing simulations have been a straightforward way of safely testing user knowledge and quickly gave us an indication of how well our training was absorbed by our users."

- Head of IT at Acorn People

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