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Automated cyber awareness training

(2 mins) This video covers:

Green check mark icon Automating user-tailored training

Green check mark icon Building human cyber risk profiles

Green check mark icon Creating custom courses (LMS)


Simulated phishing campaigns

(4 mins) This video covers:

Green check mark icon Launching readily-made phishing tests

Green check mark icon Creating custom spear-phishing tests

Green check mark icon How to automate regular simulations


Simplified policy management

(3 mins) This video covers:

Green check mark icon Creating and revising policy versions

Green check mark icon Easily communicating policy updates

Green check mark icon Tracking user views and approvals


Dark web exposure monitoring

(1 min) This video covers:

Green check mark icon Detecting exposed user credentials

Green check mark icon Accessing real-time breach reports 

Green check mark icon Identifying breached data in-depth

Risk Reporting

Ongoing human risk reporting

(1 min) This video covers:

Green check mark icon Combine phishing, training, policy & breach metrics

Green check mark icon Calculate a company human risk score

Green check mark icon Understand training impact

Admin-lite automation, flexible billing and more...

Multi-tenant admin portal

New Icons - Numbers (4)Managing your usecure app

New Icons - Numbers (4)Quick tour of your admin portal

New Icons - Numbers (4)Managing billing & invoices

Adding & managing clients

New Icons - Numbers (4)Multi-tenant portal

New Icons - Numbers (4)Adding clients with O365

New Icons - Numbers (4)Enabling free trials

White-labelling usecure

New Icons - Numbers (4)Configuring white-label settings

New Icons - Numbers (4)Customising your partner portal

New Icons - Numbers (4)Customising your clients' settings

Simulate a spear-phishing attack

New Icons - Numbers (4)Setting up a simulation in minutes

New Icons - Numbers (4)Using readily-made templates

New Icons - Numbers (4)Creating a custom spear phish

Building risk profiles & automating training

New Icons - Numbers (4)Enabling automated training

New Icons - Numbers (4)Building risk profiles with a Gap Analysis

New Icons - Numbers (4)Overview of course library

 webinar  Driving adoption & MRR

New Icons - Numbers (4)Why usecure is the perfect fit for MSPs

New Icons - Numbers (4)Demonstrating the requirement

New Icons - Numbers (4)Getting started with your free NFR

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