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uPolicy | Simplified Policy Management

Keep users up-to-date with proactive
policy management software

Ensure users are up-to-date on relevant policy changes and eliminate the inefficiencies
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Why uPolicy?

With poor audit trails, sloppy version control and absent user approval metrics, the time-draining nature of traditional policy management falls well short of regulatory requirement.

uPolicy eliminates these inefficiencies by centralising, simplifying and measuring your policy processes - ensuring your users are well-versed on any updates.

How uPolicy Works

Simplify your policy management process

Cut the complexities of your current policy management process with uPolicy's simplified
approach for keeping users well-versed on standards, expectations and potential risks and liabilities.

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Centralise policies in one place

Use a single system to upload, create and store documents, while gaining access to a library of pre-made policies.

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Simplify review & approval process

Send email alerts for new or updated policies and provide self-service access with user approval e-signatures.

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Measure user acknowledgement

Eliminate the cat-and-mouse game of chasing user signatures. Track who's signed and easily issue reminders.

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Simplified Policy Approval

Save time and sanity with
hassle-free policy approval

Notify users of relevant policy updates and provide quick self-service access for users to read, acknowledge and e-sign.

You can easily track which users have signed straight from your usecure portal, and deliver a friendly email nudge to remind those who haven't.

›  Self-Service Access     ›  E-Signature Approvals

›  Track Views & Signatures     ›  Issue Quick Reminders

Create and store policies in one file library

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Single System Policy Management

Create, refresh and organise policies - in one place

Create policies from scratch using uPolicy's in-software editor tool with version control, or upload and amend your existing policies with ease.

Save time by storing your policies in one accessible file library, making it easy to locate, send or revise your growing list of documents.

›  Create New Policies     ›  Upload & Revise Existing Policies

›  In-Software Editor Tool     ›  Organised Document Library

Policy Templates

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Free Policy Template Library

Get started with a collection of pre-made policy templates

uPolicy comes with a library of well-researched policy and procedure templates that are ready to deploy.

From essential policies covering passwords and clean desks, to increasingly-necessary policies outlining anti-malware and data breach response, you'll have instant guidance from a range of editable templates.

›  Library of Policy Templates     ›  Quickly Create & Edit

›  Up-to-Date Templates

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